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Does Your iPad Pass the Quality Test? 5 Things You Can Improve on Today

Does Your iPad Pass the Quality Test? 5 Things You Can Improve on Today

August 24, 2021

It’s amazing how much we rely on technology to get us through the day. For example, what would we do without our iPads? From streaming movies and playing games at home to running point-of-sale systems for businesses, these handy little tablets have become indispensable.

But what happens when they start to slow down and show signs of wear? Here are a few handy tips to help you get the most out of your iPad. When these don’t do the trick, it’s time to take it to a trusted cell phone repair professional.


Optimize Operational Speed

If you find that your iPad is getting bogged down or sluggish, you may want to remove unnecessary apps and programs that may be compromising your tablet’s effectiveness. To remove unwanted apps (from a device with an iOS of 12 or newer) you can go to your HOME screen and select unwanted apps. Touch and hold the icon of the app you wish to delete. When the icon begins to jiggle back and forth, you can tap on the icon to delete the app.

Optimizing Battery Life

Your iPad should deliver between seven and eight hours of operating time on one battery charge. If you find that your iPad isn’t delivering as designed, there are a couple of quick fixes that can extend your battery life.

Adjust Screen Brightness. Go to SETTINGS and find the Brightness and Wallpaper setting. Turn off the auto-brightness mode and set your brightness level lower.

Bluetooth Function. Unless you are using a wireless keyboard or are connected to another device such as a wireless speaker, you can turn off Bluetooth by going to SETTINGS and turning off the Bluetooth function.

Deactivate Modem. To deactivate the modem, go to SETTINGS and locate the Cellular row. Turn off the modem.

All batteries eventually lose their elasticity and degrade with time and use. If you need a new battery, choose a professional, authorized repair service.

Clean the Ports and Protect your iPad

While the newest versions of the iPad lack a headphone jack and replace the lightning port with a USB-C port, the ports remain a collection point for dirt, dust, and debris. Keep those ports clean by maintaining careful cleaning. The best protection is a quality shock, dust, and water-resistant cover for your tablet. Keep your investment safe and it will provide years of service.

Making Changes to the iPad itself- (Touchscreen, Battery, Other Internals)

Some simple maintenance and repairs are possible for your iPad. There are online tutorials that can walk you through many quick fixes. There are however specific hazards associated with do-it-yourself repairs and replacement kits available online. It is inadvisable to access the internals of the body of your iPad, especially with a sharp instrument. The cables that are responsible for the Bluetooth/Wi-Fi operation and for the power/volume and toggle function are susceptible to accidental damage from using improper tools. Along with helpful hints, there are also unclear and incomplete directions found in online tutorials. This is a task best left to the professionals.

Optimize Wi-Fi Connection

The only wireless and free-roaming internet signal available for your iPad is through a Wi-Fi connection. This may expose one weakness in your iPad. While many other mobile smart tablets have an effective Wi-Fi range of up to 100 feet (roughly 30.5 meters), the iPad’s effective Wi-Fi range tends to top out at about 65 feet (just under 20 meters). Keeping within the effective range of your tablet or perhaps relocating your router to an area nearer to where you will be using your iPad.

If you find that you continuously lose your host internet connection, you may need to renew your DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol). To do this, go to the SETTINGS field, click on the Wi-Fi icon, and then locate the blue arrow that indicates your desired network. Click the RENEW LEASE button to refresh your connectivity.  

In the event of a weak or non-existent Wi-Fi signal, or if you desire a more stable signal, you may wish to connect your iPad to the internet through a wired connection. To do this, you will need to acquire a couple of connection tools as your iPad does not have an onboard ethernet port: an Apple Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter, and Apple USB Ethernet Adapter.

To hardwire your iPad to the internet, go to SETTINGS and disable both the Wi-Fi and the Bluetooth functions. Insert the lightning end of the Lightning to USB Camera Adapter into the iPad. The next step is to connect your iPad to the power supply. Then connect the USB Ethernet Adapter into the Lightning to USB Camera Adapter. Locate your router or ethernet connection. Connect one end of your ethernet cable to your USB Ethernet Adapter, and the other to your ethernet outlet or router. You will soon be able to confirm your connection when the “Ethernet” tab appears in SETTINGS. This will create a more stable internet connection.

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